Cloudron 4.4 released
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Cloudron 4.4 released

We are happy to announce the release of Cloudron 4.4!

For those unaware, Cloudron is a platform that makes it easy to run web apps like WordPress, Nextcloud, GitLab on your server and keep them up-to-date and secure.

Cloudron 4.4 adds profile icons, swap usage in graphs, Cloudflare API token support, app search, timezone configuration & more.

Profile Icons

Users can now customize their avatars from the profile page. There is the option to use Gravatar or to upload a custom picture.


The graphs view has been enhanced to show the swap usage on the server.

Cloudflare API Token

Cloudflare supports two methods of authentication for using it's API. One is using the Global API Key. Global API keys give complete access to the Cloudflare account. Prior to this release, Cloudron only supported this mode of authentication.

In Cloudron 4.4, we have added support for API Tokens. API Tokens allow you to generate a token that has access to only a subset of your Cloudflare account. For example, you can generate token that has access to just the DNS entries of a specific DNS zone. To use this mode of authentication, choose 'API Token' as the token type in the Cloudron domain configuration.

See the documentation on how to set the permissions to generate the Cloudflare token.

Search Apps

If you have more than 10 apps, you can easily find the app you are looking for using the search field. Currently, it only searches through the domain names of the apps. In the future, we will enhance this functionality to search through app labels as well.


Cloudron's timezone can now be set in the Settings view. This setting is already used for scheduling backups and updates (during the night and early morning). In future releases, we will use this setting to show appropriate timestamps for the log viewer as well.

Other notable changes

  • acme2: Implement post-as-get
  • import: add option to import app in-place
  • import: add option to import app from arbitrary backup config
  • Make app view tags and domain filter persistent across browser refresh
  • AWS marketplace image
  • Stopped apps are not updated or auto-updated anymore
  • eventlog: track support ticket creation and remote support status
  • Hide access tokens from logs

Install or update Cloudron

New to Cloudron? Get started for free by running with 3 simple commands on your server.

To update an existing installation, simply click on the 'Update now' button on your dashboard.


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