Cloudron 5.3 released
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Cloudron 5.3 released

We are happy to announce the release of Cloudron 5.3!

For those unaware, Cloudron is a platform that makes it easy to run web apps like WordPress, Nextcloud, GitLab on your server and keep them up-to-date and secure.

Cloudron 5.3 adds new NFS/SSHFS/CIFS storage backends, LDAP groups synchonization, Dashboard optimizations & lots of bug fixes!



We have added three specialized file systems backends for backups - NFS, SSHFS and CIFS. These backends check that the backup path is mounted properly with the correct flags before performing the backup. This prevents issues where Cloudron might inadvertently backup to the local file system when the external storage is not mounted.

See the docs for detailed information on how to mount these filesystems on the server.

LDAP Groups Synchronization

The LDAP connector allows users from your existing LDAP or active directory to authenticate with Cloudron.

In 5.3, you can optionally sync LDAP groups as Cloudron groups. LDAP group membership will be carried over to Cloudron users as well.

Unaccent extension in PostgreSQL

unaccent is a text search dictionary that removes accents (diacritic signs) from lexemes. We have enabled the unaccent extension in the PostgreSQL addon. Apps like Peertubecan take advantage of this extension to provide accent-insensitive processing for full text search.



In previous versions, Cloudron Dashboard would load excruciatingly slowly if you had a large number of apps. In addition, it would poll a lot to get the status of the apps. We have done a lot of optimizations this release to ensure the Dashboard not only loads fast but also downloads much lesser.

We have re-designed the App Store view to be more compact and load faster as well. You can now search for popular SaaS and find alternate apps (for example, try 'github' or 'slack').

Backup cleanup policy

The backup cleaner removed old backups based on the backup policy. This cleaner has undergone various changes.

The following are some of the important rules that are followed by the backup cleaner:

For installed apps and box backups, the latest backup is always retained regardless of the policy. This ensures that even if all the backups are outside of the retention policy, there is still atleast one backup preserved. This change also ensure that the latest backup of stopped apps is preserved when not referenced by any box backup.

For uninstalled apps, the latest backup is cleaned up as per the policy.

Finally, if the latest backup is already part of the policy, it is not counted twice.

Errored and partial backups are cleaned up immediately.


nginx logs are available in the services view.

We have also updated the nginx config to support higher loads. Specifically, we have optimized worker_rlimit_nofile, worker_processes and worker_connections configuration in nginx.


Amazon S3 will no longer support path-style API requests starting September 30th, 2020. As a result of this deprecation, we have moved all S3 compatible providers to now use vhost style API requests. This includes Digital Ocean Spaces, Exoscale SOS, Linode Object Storage, OVH Object Storage, Scaleway Object Storage & Wasabi.

Minio backups will continue to use the path-style API requests since the typical setup here is to not have a subdomain for each bucket.

We have also added a Region field to S3 API Compatible providers. This is required for providers like Yandex Object Storage.


The cloudron-setup script does not require the --provider argument anymore. You can now install Cloudron on a Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 x64 server and run the setup script without arguments like this:

chmod +x ./cloudron-setup

Note that the --provider flag is still required if you want to install older versions of Cloudron.


  • Cloudron mail server now sets the Auto-Submitted header for bounce emails. This feature allows apps like FreeScout to skip sending an auto-reply.
  • Fix issue where PostgreSQL and MySQL addons would timeout when restoring very large backups.
  • Fix crash when redis config was set
  • Update schedule was unselected in the UI
  • mail: make authentication case insensitive
  • Do not count stopped apps for memory use

Install or update Cloudron

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To update an existing installation, simply click on the 'Update now' button on your dashboard.


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