Cloudron 7.5 released
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Cloudron 7.5 released

We are happy to announce the release of Cloudron 7.5!

For those unaware, Cloudron is a platform that makes it easy to run web apps like WordPress, Nextcloud, GitLab on your server and keep them up-to-date and secure.

Cloudron 7.5 has many new features including Contabo Object Storage, Trusted IPs, New File Manager UI, Task Logs, Optional App Services, Virtual All Mails Mailbox & lots of bug fixes.

Important Deprecation Notices

Support for Ubuntu 18.04 ended with Cloudron 7.4. This release does not support Ubuntu 18.04 and attempts to update will fail.

This is the last release of Cloudron to support CPUs without AVX support. AVX support is required for MongoDB 5.0. See for more information.

Contabo Object Storage

Contabo Object Storage is S3 compatible Object Storage from Contabo. To configure Cloudron to use Contabo Object Storage, choose the Contabo Object Storage in the Backups Configure UI.

Trusted IPs

When Cloudron is behind an HTTP(S) proxy like Cloudflare or Nginx Proxy Manager, you can set the IP address(es) of the proxy as trusted. Doing so will make sure Cloudron trusts the values of various proxy related HTTP headers like X-Forwarded-For in the request.

New File Manager UI

The new File Manager UI supports very large folders and lazy loading. Internally, we are slowly porting our frontend to Vue.js and PrimeVue . The File Manager, Web Terminal & Log Viewer are already ported. The code is structured as a shared component library named Pankow. This allows us to reuse the file listing in various apps like Surfer and Cubby.

Task Logs

Cloudron has many background tasks - Certificate renewal, Dynamic DNS, Sync DNS, Mail Server Location Change, Backup Cleaner etc. The history and logs of all the background tasks is now exposed in the UI.

Optional App Services

Redis and TURN configuration of an app can be turned on/off dynamically in the Services section.

Virtual All Mails Mailbox

Cloudron mail server is now configured to expose a virtual All Mails folder (thanks to Dovecot). Some mail clients (like SnappyMail) do not support recursive folder search. Using this folder, you can easily search all your emails in such clients. You can read more about the status of search in various email clients in our blog.

Other Notable Changes

  • Update Redis to 7.0.11, Docker to 23.0.6 and Haraka to 3.0.2
  • Ionos Profitbricks: add new regions Berlin and Logrono
  • mail: fix issue where client IP was leaked in headers
  • Dashboard now uses OIDC for login
  • Redirections: Use 301 (permanent) instead of 302 (temporary) for redirections. This is better for SEO.
  • Major overhaul of the REST API. Please note that the docs are still being updated as of this writing to reflect the new API routes.
  • Fix import via SSHFS and CIFS.

What's coming next

Head over to our forum to learn more about What's coming in our next release - 7.6.

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