Cloudron 7.6 released
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Cloudron 7.6 released

We are happy to announce the release of Cloudron 7.6!

For those unaware, Cloudron is a platform that makes it easy to run web apps like WordPress, Nextcloud, GitLab on your server and keep them up-to-date and secure.

Cloudron 7.6 has many new features including MongoDB 5, New base image, OVH DNS backend, DNSimple DNS backend, System Info, Editable Volumes, Color-keyed notifications, External Directory Connector improvements & lots of bug fixes.

Important Deprecation Notice

Cloudron 7.6 upgraded MongoDB to 5.0 which requires AVX. For this reason, Cloudron 7.6 will not install on CPUs without AVX. See for more information.

New Base Image 4.2.0

The docker base image is now based on Ubuntu Jammy 22.04 LTS. The digest is:



OVHCloud is the largest hosting provider in Europe. If your domain is hosted on OVH, choose OVH in the drop-down when configuring a domain.


DNSimple is a secure & simple DNS hosting provider . If your domain is hosted on DNSimple, you can choose DNSimple in the provider drop-down in the Domains view.

System Info

SMBIOS information like Vendor and Product is displayed in the System view.

Color-keyed Notifications

Notifications are colored based on their type. Important notifications requiring action including reboot required, certificate renewal failures, backup failures are marked in red. Updates are highlighted with blue.

Editable Volumes

Mount configuration of Volumes like host name, username, password and remote location can be changed at any time.

External Directory

The External Directory connector allows users from an existing LDAP or Active Directory to authenticate with Cloudron. Logs and sync progress can be viewed using the Logs dropdown on the top right.

We have also made many improvements in this release:

  • 2FA Behavior: When using another Cloudron as an authentication provider, 2FA of the external directory is used. When using other providers, users can setup 2FA locally.
  • User Attributes: The user's role and active state are local and not synced from LDAP.
  • Groups Behavior: When Sync Groups is enabled, groups will be automatically created and users will be associated. External Groups are readonly and cannot be edited.
  • Sync Behavior: The local directory is synced with the external directory every 4 hours.
  • Keep/Make Local: This feature has been removed. It never worked properly because local users were overwritten with the next sync.

Other Notable Changes

  • turn: add DDoS mitigation settings
  • mail: add option to enable/disable Virtual All mailbox
  • app proxy: Host header is set to match the proxy domain instead of the target domain
  • oidc: add oidc logo as login indicator for apps
  • dyndns: update DNS every 10 mins
  • Cleanup backup validation mount point
  • dashboard: remove nginx config of old domain when domain changed
  • roles: admin role can access branding and networking
  • dockerproxy: allow child containers to access volumes
  • postgres: enable cube, vector and earthdistance extensions
  • support: replace ticket section with help section
  • firewall: increase blocklist size to 262144
  • profile: changing email now requires password

What's coming next

Head over to our forum to learn more about What's coming in our next release - 8.0.

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