We are in Private Beta
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We are in Private Beta

We are happy to announce that Cloudron has entered Private Beta. We have been testing the product for months with close friends and we consider the product stable for general use.

We started Cloudron to make it simple for anyone (by which we mean anyone. and yes, we tested this product with our moms) to run web applications on their own server. Think blogs, chat applications, wikis, code hosting, syncing photos and contacts and of course, email.

Running your own server can be very intimidating. Setting up domains, purchasing certificates, installing applications reading complicated READMEs and of course, keeping them backed up and updated is all too much work and most of us would rather let someone else do it. The Cloudron intends to solve all that. We want anyone to be able to get a domain and install apps.

Here's a live demo (username: cloudron password: cloudron).

We have started out small and you can see the initial app list at the Cloudron Store. Anyone can develop apps for the Cloudron. If you are a developer, be sure to view the docsand the app code. You need an account to get started, just email us at support@cloudron.io to get an invite immediately.

What can you expect as a beta customer?

The Cloudron is a paid product. We expect you to use your Cloudron everyday and give us input on what areas we should improve on. We dogfood our product and our code hosting (gitlab), chat (Rocket chat and palava), wiki (gollum), files (owncloud), scrum (kanboard), pastebin (hastebin and pasteboard) is all hosted on a Cloudron.

The Cloudron is a team/family product. You can add users and they can access your apps.

We need feedback on what apps you are looking for. We will work with app developers to make these available.

We need feedback on what features to prioritize. Once you sign up, you will be able to join our chat channel to talk with us directly. Your suggestions will go a long way towards helping us build our product.

These are exciting times. Imagine a world where everyone can have their own Smart Server just like everyone has a Smart Phone. We would love to have you on board. You can sign up for the beta invite on our website.