Cloudron 1.3 released - Robots, Weekly Digests & Mail Improvements
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Cloudron 1.3 released - Robots, Weekly Digests & Mail Improvements

We are happy to announce the release of Cloudron 1.3.0.

For those unaware, Cloudron is a platform that makes it easy to run apps on your server and keep them up-to-date.


The Robots.txt file is a file served from the root of a website to indicate which parts must be indexed by a search engine. The file follows the Robots Exclusion Standard. Google has an excellent document about the semantics.

Cloudron now allows the robots.txt to be configured for each app. You can find this in the Advanced settings of the app's configure dialog.

If you leave the robots configuration empty, Cloudron will serve the /robots.txt URI from the app.

Weekly update digest

Cloudron sends an email every week about the pending and applied platform and app updates.

Heads up: Unfortunately, due to a bug in the cron pattern, the weekly digest is sent every hour on Wednesday instead of once on a Wednesday. A patch release will follow soon. For now, please ignore the emails.

Disable FROM address validation

Cloudron automatically allocates a mailbox for every installed app. Apps can only send emails with the FROM set to the allocated mailbox address.

From 1.3, you can disable the FROM address validation check. When enabled, this allow for advanced use cases where an app can send emails on users' behalf. Combined with the catch all mailbox feature, apps can also generate email IDs on the fly.

This is an advanced feature and must be used with care since it allows all users and apps to spoof addresses on the Cloudron. For this reason, only use it when you trust your users and app plugins/extensions. In the future, we will consider making this an app-level configuration.

Use the REST API to enable this feature.

Other fixes

Set X-Forwarded-Port in the reverse proxy. This fixes a problem with plugins of certain apps like Jetpack. Thanks to Dick Tang for the patch!

Mail container received a couple of crash fixes.