Cloudron 1.6 released - Web terminal, per-app backup control
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Cloudron 1.6 released - Web terminal, per-app backup control

We are happy to announce the release of Cloudron 1.6

For those unaware, Cloudron is a platform that makes it easy to run apps on your server and keep them up-to-date.

Web Terminal

The Cloudron CLI is an indespensible tool for uploading/downloading files and tweaking the configuration of apps. However, installing the CLI tool and learning how to use it can be an onerous task for those not comfortable with the command line.

In this release, we have added a Web terminal that is capable of doing the most common CLI tasks.

To access the web terminal, select Terminal & Logs from the menu:

Select the application on the right to get "shell" access to the app's file system:

The web terminal can be used to:

  • Upload files to the /tmp directory. You can then work on this file from the terminal.
  • Download files and directories (as tar.gz) from the app.
  • Access addons like MySQL, Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB used by the app.

Control per-app backups

Cloudron makes a complete backup every day. When using apps that contain a large number of files (like NextCloud, ownCloud) the backup storage can quickly add up.

Backups can now be disabled at a per-application level from the 'Advanced settings' in the Configure UI:

NOTE: Disabling backup for an app puts the onus on the Cloudron administrator to backup the app's files using some other means.

Network capability for apps

Apps can now request to be run with network capability(CAP_NETADMIN). This will allow the app to configure the Cloudron's iptables. This feature will allow Cloudron to support complex networking apps like OpenVPN (thanks @mehdi!).

Other notable changes

Add popups and warnings when using the no-op backend. This is to remind users that when the no-op backend is selected, the Cloudron is not backing up anything at all. If the server dies, all data will be lost.

Fix layout issues in the update and oauth views after our move to flexbox based UI.

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