Cloudron partners with UpCloud
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Cloudron partners with UpCloud

We are very happy to announce our partnership with UpCloud to help you get started for free.

Through this partnership you can now sign up with UpCloud using the Cloudron promo code link and get $25 USD in credits for your account, fully functional for 14 days. This includes access to their 24/7 Support.

Who is UpCloud

UpCloud is a Finnish Infrastructure as a Service Cloud provider founded in 2012 with a strong focus on best-in-class performance while offering highly competitive pricing.

Their proprietary MaxIOPS storage technology adds even more speed and responsiveness to a server than regular SSDs offer.

They operate data centers in Europe, the US and Singapore. Being closer to where your users are located adds further to app response times.

Why run Cloudron on UpCloud

At Cloudron, we care deeply about ease of use and making great cutting edge technology accessible for everyone. This requires a straigtforwards and modern user experience. UpCloud offers exactly this for the infrastructure side to run Cloudron on.

UpCloud's high and consistent performance with MaxIOPS, is a perfect fit to run apps on your servers managed through Cloudron. This high speed access to application assets stored on disk ensures blazingly fast response times to your users and also great resource utilization.

On top of that, all cloud servers at UpCloud are deployed on enterprise-grade hardware. You can start with a pre-configured set of resources (CPU, RAM and Storage) and freely configure the assigned resources to fit changing requirements dynamically and instantly.

How to Install Cloudron on UpCloud

Before installing Cloudron, you need to sign up with UpCloud (make sure to get your free credits) and deploy a server.

For the whole process, just follow the official walk-through tutorial here.


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