Self-host the Cloudron on Digital Ocean
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Self-host the Cloudron on Digital Ocean

Cloudron is a platform for self-hosting web apps like WordPress, MediaWiki, Rocket.Chat, ownCloud on your server. My previous postgives an introduction of the Cloudron.

We are happy to announce that you can now self-host the Cloudron on Digital Ocean.

Getting ready

Sign up with Digital Ocean (This is a referral link to get $10 credit). You can also use your existing Digital Ocean account. Once you sign up, create an API token.

Have your domain setup on Digital Ocean.

Install the the Cloudron commandline tool via npm.

Creating the Cloudron

This simple command will create your Cloudron on Digital Ocean.

cloudron machine create digitalocean \
        --fqdn <domain> \
        --region <digitalocean-region> \
        --token <digitalocean-api-token> \
        --ssh-key <ssh-key-name-or-filepath> \
        --backup-key <backup-key>

You can now visit my.<domain> to finish the Cloudron setup and install apps.


For detailed information, please refer to our documentation.