Cloudron v0.20.0 released
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Cloudron v0.20.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of Cloudron 0.20.0.

The version 0.20.0 may not seem very high but this is in fact our 165th release! We will probably make a more dramatic version bump in the next release to signal how close we are to 1.0.0.

Smarter DNS management

The Cloudron is intended to completely take over your domain management. You give it a domain and it will maintain all the DNS entries as and when apps get installed and removed. The Cloudron also allows you to access individual apps from an external domain.

With today's release, you can add new DNS entries to your nameserver behind the Cloudron's back. If you attempt to an install an app at a location that is already taken, the Cloudron will smartly detect this and flag an error.

Configurable memory limit

Cloudron apps have a memory limit bakedinto the manifest. This is supposed to provide a sensible default after users install the app.

For higher loads, the app may need to be given more memory. We have added a slider under the 'Advanced Settings' section of the configure dialog that lets you change the memory limit for an app.

Better Access Control

The Cloudron store has a wide variety of apps and each brings it's own mechanism of managing users. We have consolidated the access control requirements for apps into three main categories:

Complete Cloudron authentication - Majority of the apps in the Cloudron Storefall under this category. For these apps, you can control which users and groups can access the app.

No Cloudron authentication - Some apps like Mattermost and Ghost have their own user management system and do not integrate with the Cloudron. For such apps, we now show a message stating so and access control functionality is disabled.

No user management - Apps like Haste, Imagebin have no concept of logged-in user. For such apps, the Cloudron will install a "proxy" login screen. The idea here is that you can access the app after authenticating with the "proxy". There is also an unrestricted option to turn off this proxy.

Post install messages

Some apps like ownCloud have a built-in admin usage. The Cloudron admin has to change the password of that user after installation. Currently, this information is buried in the App store description file and most users skip over it.

From this release, we have added a special manifest field named postInstallMessage that lets the app display messages after an app is installed.

For example, after you click the install button for ownCloud, you will immediately see this:

You can view the post installation message anytime by clicking the button in the app grid.

Hope you enjoy the release!