Cloudron v0.80.0 released
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Cloudron v0.80.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of Cloudron 0.80.0.

The version 0.80.0 may not seem very high but this is in fact our 177th release! We keep making more dramatic version bumps in the next releases to signal how close we are to 1.0.0.

Optional Single Sign-On

So far single sign-on and thus a centralized user management on the Cloudron was a very important feature and we still think it is a great benefit in the long run. However there are use-cases like a public chat or forum, where it does not make sense to manage all users from within the Cloudron, we have decided to allow apps to be setup with either Cloudron single sign-on or disable it and let the app handle the user management entirely on its own.

All apps supporting this setting will be published over the next week and new installations will give you the option to select which option fits best for your use-case. Enabling single sign-on for an app is done at installation time. It cannot be changed after the app got installed. This has to do with complexity on how apps can deal with swapping out the authentication backend, which we want to avoid.

Please be aware, that current app installations, will not be affected.

In addition to making the user integration optional, we will also push forward packaging of apps which we didn't consider adding to our store, due to the inability of adding support for Cloudron user management. We already had a few such apps published, like ghost, however those were exceptions so far.

We hope by adding new popular apps with less packaging burden due to the optional user management, will open up better conversation and support from upstream developers, to assist us adding support for single sign-on in the future.

Incremental improvements to the install script

Over the course of the last week, we have seen a huge pick up of self-hosting the Cloudron on various different VPS providers and also other diverse setups. Which resulted in many valuable feedback for the Cloudron installation scripts. We were able to fix various stumbling blocks, to make installation more reliable and easier. Furthermore we also reduced impact on the server configuration, like micromanaging the ssh daemon, which turned out to be not necessary.

As many other reported issues around self-hosting did not make it into this release, we dedicate the next milestone to this topic.

Thanks to our growing community for assistance and all the great feedback.

See how easy self-hosting is now.

Improvements to the configuration panel

While the optional single sign-on and the changes to the centralized user management, required larger tweaks to the admin web-interface. We were able to add various other smaller improvements to it.

Most notable are:

  • Better font to increase readability
  • Enhanced settings and filters for the activity log
  • Reworked error pages

We hope you like this release.