Announcing a Business plan
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Announcing a Business plan

Hundreds of businesses are using Cloudron for day to day operations. Unexpected downtime of critical applications can have a severe impact. To help the IT teams of such businesses, we are introducing a Business plan which has a 1 Day Response Time. If your company is looking for even shorter response times and tighter SLAs, please contact us for custom pricing.

We have also decided to discontinue offering the Standard Plan. Previously, we used App type (Standard vs Premium apps) as a way to price our product. We have since learnt that this categorization is too rigid. When publishing new apps, we find ourselves debating what type of app it is and whether we should be making new App types. To remove this confusion, we have decided not to price Cloudron based on the app type anymore.

Impact on existing customers

This change has no impact on existing paid users. Existing users will continue to pay the old subscription price. Existing users will have access to the same set of apps they had access to before and will be provided the same level of support.

Install or update Cloudron

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