Cloudron Pricing
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Cloudron Pricing

Edit: Our pricing has changed since this announcement.

We announced pricing for self-hosted Cloudron a couple of weeks back. Overall, the feedback we have received has been very positive and we are very happy that most of you see value of self-hosting using Cloudron.

Over the past 2 years, we have been working relentlessly on making a private cloud platform that makes self-hosting easy. Part of our vision is to develop an accompanying App Store on which 3rd party developers can publish apps and provide a SaaS like experience for self-hosting.

Over the last 6 months since we launched the platform, we have seen over 1500 Cloudron installations and 15K app installs. A whopping 50% of Cloudrons have the mail server enabled. Thanks to Cloudron's automatic updates, over 95% of Cloudrons are up-to-date. We have learned what is involved in continuously tracking upstream projects and pushing new app versions for a truly distributed system that is installed on 6 continents and over 20 Infrastructure providers.

Our step towards pricing is meant to reflect the work that we have to continuously put in to make the automatic update magic of Cloudron happen. On an average, each Cloudron sees 15 updates a month.

A repeated feedback we received was to increase the 2 app installation limit in the free tier. With that in mind, we have decided to change our pricing as follows:

Free – This is a free plan that allows unlimited app installs from the Cloudron store. It requires one to keep the platform and the apps updated manually from our package sources by following instructions in our wiki. Given it's high usage, we have decided to include the mail server as part of this tier. This is targeted at hobbyists who don’t mind putting in the effort to keep apps updated by themselves and have the expertise to get by with community support.

Pro - This is a 8 USD/month plan for personal use & non-profits. This includes the installation and automatic update of unlimited apps and support from Cloudron UG.

Startup - This is a 29 USD/month plan for commercial use by small and medium businesses. This includes the installation and automatic update of unlimited apps and support from Cloudron UG.

Enterprise - This is a white label product targeting service providers.

As mentioned earlier, Cloudron’s vision is to build a future where the original app authors or the community will maintain packages for the Cloudron. To realize this vision, we will provide the Pro or Startup plans free of charge for open source projects & Cloudron App maintainers. As of July 2017, we have decided to offer a 25% discount to open source projects.

Each plan includes an one month free trial. In addition, as an early adopter (pre 1.0 user), you will be given a 25% discount.

We will push the 1.0 release in the coming days where you can a make a choice of one of the above plans. Note that if you decide not to choose any plan or cancel a plan in the future, your current Cloudron installation and installed apps will continue to run as-is. This is the advantage of self-hosting. Nobody can take away the services you run on your server.

Lastly, a word of thanks for being patient with us during these changes. Building a platform company is tremendous work but we strongly believe that with your support, we can build a world where self-hosting is the norm.