Cloudron Pricing
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Cloudron Pricing

Edit: Our pricing has changed since this announcement.

Time flies! It's almost 8 months now since we announced the Cloudron Open Source project. Over those months, we have actively listened to our users and implemented many features that make it easy for people to self-host including:

  • Support for over 10 Cloud Providers including Digital Ocean, AWS, and Scaleway
  • 3-step simple installation
  • Flexible DNS management
  • Backup features including Minio, File system and optional encryption
  • Email solution that walks through all the small details required to get your mail delivered
  • Reworked our updater to ensure smooth continuous app and server upgrades

In parallel, we have actively maintained all the apps in our App Store.

We are now satisfied that Cloudron is stable and plan to release v1.0 next week. We are happy to announce our new website that lays out our value proposition - Cloudron keep your apps and server up-to-date and secure. The new website includes pricing information of the self-hosted product.

Cloudron still has ways to go in terms of adding necessary features like intranet/home hosting, 2FA, external storage, multi-domains and of course, lot more apps! Your support will go a long way in helping us achieve our vision. It re-enforces the fact that we are spending our time on a product people find useful.