Cloudron v0.105.1 released
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Cloudron v0.105.1 released

We are happy to announce the release of Cloudron 0.105.1. This release brings various installation & mail relay issues and adds LDAP search improvements.

For those unaware, Cloudron is a platform that makes it easy to run apps on your server and keep them up-to-date.

Improved email checklist

The Cloudron web interface already performed basic sanity checks for email sending and receiving. We have now added an additional check to verify that the Cloudron can connect to other SMTP servers on port 25 and will warn the admins if this is not the case.

Additionally, all email checks are now done regardless of the DNS backend (Route53, DigitalOcean, Manual, Wildcard). This is because PTR pointer checks and the newly added port 25 connectivity validation are useful for every configuration.

LDAP improvements

Cloudron groups can be used to restrict access to an app to one or more users. However, the app itself always listed all users and groups when doing an LDAP search. This issue is now resolved by only listing users and groups which are allowed to log into the app.

Installation fixes

  • Fix installation issue on servers when not using the C locale
  • Fix issue where pre-installed apps were not installed correctly
  • Fix issue where new Cloudrons could not be activated
  • Fix crash when setupToken is not provided in activate API
  • Use inline Docker GPG key when installing Docker