App Spotlight - Tiny Tiny RSS
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App Spotlight - Tiny Tiny RSS

Tiny Tiny RSS is now available in the Cloudron Store.

Tiny Tiny RSS is RSS feed reader started by Andrew Dolgov in response to the shutting down of Google Reader. Interestingly enough, our Cloudron story has roots in the closing of Google Reader as well.

Those unware of what the Cloudron is might want to read this.

Packaging Tiny Tiny RSS was quite fun (code).

It's multiuser. It uses hydrian's LDAP plugin for integrating TTRSS authentication with the Cloudron's LDAP addon.

TTRSS uses the MySQL via the MySQL addon.

The cron job to update feeds periodically is run via the scheduler addon.

The app comes bundled with some themes - feedly, reederand clean-greader.

One cool feature, I really like is you can enable Firefox RSS integration (Preferences -> Feeds -> FF Integration). When enabled, Firefox will allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds into your TTRSS instance. Like so:

There are two Android apps - thisand this and one iOS app.

Given it's awesomeness, please consider donating to the TTRSS project!