In part 1, we saw how Cloudron can be used to run traditional LAMP applications using SFTP.

We have since added a couple of enhancements to the LAMP app.


You can now access the phpMyAdmin at the /phpmyadmin path of your app. Note that you have to authenticate using your Cloudron credentials to access it.

We recommend that users lock down their LAMP app once they have done modifying it. You can disable SFTP and phpMyAdmin access by unchecking the SFTP port in the app's configure dialog.

Cron support

You can now add a file named /app/data/crontab for cron support. This is how it looks in FileZilla (I added 0 * * * * php /app/code/update.php --feedsto the crontab):

Note that you must restart the app after making any changes to the crontabfile. You can do this by pressing the 'Restart' button in the app's configure dialog.